About Yvy Capponi


I was born and raised in the countryside of Brazil, near the borders of Argentina and Paraguay. Growing up without electricity for about thirteen years I developed a vivid imagination inspired by the forest, gypsy caravans and the different cultures that surrounded our home.

My work is a constant learning processes where every significant experience alters my perspective.

Illustration is at the core of what I do, but my projects take on many forms, including prints, textile, patterns, murals and canvases. My illustrations show an abundant world of undersea creatures, tropical fauna & flora, botanical geometry and folk stories.

Visually, I combine elements from contemporary art, culture and technology with a deep wonder for nature. I have presented my work in a wide variety of contexts including art galleries, alternative artist spaces, coffee shops, book shops and the houses and offices of friends.

From early age, I came to understand that I can say things with colours and shapes that I can’t say any other way – things I have no words.

I am a result of my environment, influenced by the people I encounter and the places I live, with a relentless curiosity, a capacity to see the indiscernible and a willingness to continue questioning.