About Yvy Capponi


I was born and raised in the countryside of Brazil, near the borders of Argentina and Paraguay. Growing up without electricity for about thirteen years I developed a vivid imagination inspired by the forest, gypsy caravans and the different cultures that surrounded our home. I am the youngest of ten kids and I have a twin sister.

My work is a constant learning processes where every significant experience alters my perspective. The time I spent in Catalonia was a period of especially strong development and where I consider the birthplace of my current artistic style.

Illustration is at the core of what I do, but my projects take on many forms, including prints, textile, patterns, murals and canvases. My illustrations show an abundant world of undersea creatures, tropical fauna & flora, botanical geometry and folk stories.

Visually, I combine elements from contemporary art, culture and technology with a deep wonder for nature. I have presented my work in a wide variety of contexts including art galleries, alternative artist spaces, coffee shops, book shops and the houses and offices of friends and clients.

My husband and I have nomadic tendencies; we lived in Brighton, Barcelona,Sitges, Arraial d’Ajuda, Curitiba, Cascavel, Toronto, Peterborough, two different villages in Portugal and we are now planning our next move. Living in three different continents where there are huge cultural differences had influenced my work and the way I see things.