Catalunya Inspiration

Here are some pieces that I created while living in Sitges, Catalunya.

  • The Roots is a mix of acupuncture points, a connection to my own roots and nature.
  • Free Love received another background while I was experimenting and learning digital collage, as well Ukelele, and Esmeralda; (Free Love represents a mind free of old concepts about what love means, the cage is the mind and the birds are free thoughts. Ukelele supposed to be Spanish guitar that I failed to illustrate and Esmeralda is a sketch of a tattoo, a neighbour asked me to draw Nossa Senhora Guadalupe, patron of Mexico and this is what I came up with …. if the “real” Nossa Srª and mine are related. I don’t know ….;
  • Other images here mostly represent the feminine energy;
  • The image that shows a child holding a bleeding heart, was created as well in 2010, that was when Catalunya abolished the bull fighting, the two bulls hanging as an earring  represent all the animals that had been killed before “just for fun”, the girl’s head hold three Catalunya’s flag, a way I found to honour the Catalan’s attitude by stopping the fighting.

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