Mais Cor Mais Vida

Mais Cor Mais Vida, a project that aimed to teach meditation, photography and illustration for kids in a public school in Brazil.

The image here was painted on the wall outside the classroom where the workshop took place.

New Book – Lendas, Mitos e Cantigas do Folclore Infantil Brasileiro

It’s time to gather together illustrations, text and childhood tales along with Brazilian Folk music, legends and myths into a new 100 page book – Lendas, Mitos e Cantigas do Folclore Infantil Brasileiro (Legends, Myths and Brazilain Folk Music for Children).

As with the previous books Para Cantar e Brincar and Cantigas de Roda 2000 copies will be printed and distributed for free in some public Schools around Curitiba, Paraná State’s capital in the South of Brazil.

Para Cantar e Brincar

Para Cantar e Brincar was the second book I collaborated on with my sister Beth.

Like Cantigas de Roda it’s a project in Brazil that aimed to rescue  the folk music tradition among children, by creating a book & CD and distributing them for free in Public Schools.

Cantigas de Roda

My first book was a collaboration with my twin sister Beth and other Brasilian artists.

Cantigas de Roda is a set of traditional nursery rhymes from African, Iberian and Brasilian tradition.

Based around Brasilian stories and folk music we made an illustrated book and CD that was used in schools to help children reconnect with their culture through song and dance.